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The way customers interact with businesses and brands today is more immersive, more adaptive, and more demanding than ever. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen the world of commerce and marketing change right before our eyes. In fact, change has become the new normal and is a constant challenge to organisations of all shapes and sizes. As a consequence, business owners and marketing teams are under more pressure today than at any point in history as they try to make sense of market conditions which are in a constant state of flux.


The ability to adapt to technological, customer and competitor change is now a critical factor influencing whether businesses fail, survive or thrive. However, the need to change can be very problematic as organisations seek to balance their current operational requirements while trying to future-proof their business. Often lacking the Human, Technical or Creative resources to keep both plates spinning, Studio 116 Design exists to solve this problem and help clients bridge the gap between where they are now and where they need to be.

We support three types of clients


Organisations that have not needed digital marketing historically but are looking to incorporate it into their future activity.


Companies that have invested and are active in digital marketing but are frustrated by a lack of results and ROI.


Businesses that are excelling at digital but are continually looking for innovative ideas or incremental increases in performance.


Research & Insight

We provide detailed information that helps clients make the most of their digital presence and compare their activity against their competitors.

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Strategy & Planning

We provide a tried and tested process that enables clients to develop a clear and concise plan detailing how they can use digital marketing to generate more leads and customers.

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Creative & Implementation

Our team of experts create and deliver personal, relevant and exciting communications to each customer during the different stages of their journey to purchase.

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Measurement & Evaluation

We track every communication and provide total transparency regarding the impact, calculating the cost of every engagement and the ROI generated.

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Our Projects


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When the new site went live, and I saw it for the first time, I was absolutely delighted at the finished product. The care taken, the attention to detail, the quality of the design were all of the highest order. I was subsequently invited to the office in order to discuss anything that I wasn't happy with, and any minor adjustments were made without delay.

- John G. Kinsley

Our initial contract with Studio 116 proved to be a huge step forward in the marketing of our international charitable organisation, both to members and to the general public, the research & insight studio 116 Design produced gave us in depth information what witch direction we need to take. we now working on a long term marketing campaigns.

- K. Al jasmi

Studio 116 Design was very thorough in there research and presented a comprehensive strategic plan that discussed a number of issues that are critical to our non profit. They also presented a series of recommendations that were designed to be implemented in phases and, most importantly, took into account the resources and capacity of our organisation. I would recommend considering Studio 116 Design for any project that involves strategic planning or digital marketing.

- Mark Hazelgrave

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The Digital Knowledge Problem

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The Customer Problem

Your customers have more choice, more information and are better connected today than any other point in human history. They can research, compare and purchase products from anywhere on the planet without having to leave the comfort of their offices or homes.   And if that was not challenging enough customers are not just customers

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The Technology Problem

Over the last twenty years, technology and specifically the internet has played a significant role in revolutionising how we organise, communicate and shop for the products and services we need in our personal and professional lives. The pace of that revolution has been quite startling, and many organisations have struggled to keep up. The challenge

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