26th February 2020

The 3 Cs for a better
Instagram feed

Written by Shannice Baynes

The social media effect:

Social media is used by 3.7 billion people worldwide with 10 people joining social media every second during the past year. Half of the world’s population is connected through social platforms. Meaning there is huge potential for companies looking to communicate with their current target market as well as reaching out to a wider audience.

At Studio 116 Digital we suggest that all businesses wanting to boost their digital marketing efforts should create a tactical marketing strategy.

The benefits of Instagram:

There is a certain rise in power of visual content through social media. With Instagram acting as one of the most visual marketing channels, there is opportunity to create a lasting impression from a simple row of three square photos.

Photos, videos and gifs are able to generate more engagement than any other aspect of social media. A reason for this is that it allows a platform for stories to be told as well as showcasing the most aesthetically pleasing moments of our lives.

Consequently, followers who connect with beautifully curated posts are also more likely to convert this emotion into actual sales as they buy into the brand’s story.


How to get a good feed on Instagram:

It is essential to create an effective digital marketing strategy if you want to curate the best possible Instagram feed. There are 3 important categories to consider:


• Understand your customer’s browsing behaviour. Online marketing platforms such as Google Analytics or even the Instagram analytics itself provided in depth reports which display the most active times of engagement. It is advisable to schedule posts within the most effective time frames.
• Scheduling is another one of our favoured social media marketing tactics as you can plan ahead to avoid last minute stress. Hootsuite is a great app to help you visually see your content calendar.
• Stay active! If your audience can consistently see your posts they are less likely to forget about you.


• The more creative = the more chance of engagement.
• Get inspired by instagram feed themes. There are many out there to follow or you can create your own!
• Some of our favourite themes are: organised by color palette; divided with a white border or have alternating photos then graphics.


• Keep it well branded – maintain the same colours and fonts within your images and stories to ensure effective brand awareness alongside competitive advantage
• Deliver your product or service values through your social activity, e.g. use this platform to communicate what is important for you
• Once you have your Instagram feed ideas in mind, choose one and stick to it

How to sell through instagram:

• Integrate the Shop feature onto your business profile helps to seamlessly connect all sites and to create a convenient purchasing experience for the customer
• Consider SEO during the planning process – the inclusion of keywords within captions or hashtags will help to increase your SERP visibility
• Recycle User Generated Content, such as reviews, to humanise your brand and build a better connection with the consumer.