26th February 2020

Why consider voice search
in your marketing strategy

Written by Shannice Baynes

What is Voice Search Optimisation? (VSO)

We are living in a society in which Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri are all a part of our daily lives. We have probably all tried it out once in our lives, as the current fascination in voice assistants seems to be continuously growing.

In relation to growing digital marketing trends – VSO is the one to watch! It’s popularity is expected to increase by 50% in 2020 as people turn to voice searches instead of internet searches. The most popular market are teenagers, with 55% of them use voice recognition on a daily basis to answer their queries.

Why now?

People use voice search as a means of convenience. The modern consumer has become so accustomed to convenient retail concepts such as next day delivery, low cost products or services and easy to use apps, so much so that their expectations have changed.

Voice search is reported to be 3.7 fast that typing a question into a search engine. It also allows users to complete various tasks at once whether it be to play music, ask about the weather or maybe just “Alexa, tell me a joke…”

Opportunities for Business

For traditional SEO research, you look for specific keywords which are usually one word that link directly to the topic. However with voice search SEO, the research is a little bit different. This is because we are no longer searching for ‘Cake Recipes”, we are asking conversational questions like, “How to make the best cake ever”.

Here are a few tips to consider to deliver a strong business strategy:

• Start to focus on semantic searches rather than simple keyword searches.
• Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer to understand their intent
• Create content that utilises long tail keyword phrases and reads better in a conversational tone as content marketing can be benefical in driving traffic to your site.
• Consider guides and how-to’s within your content as customer questions can be easily including within the text
• Add an FAQ Page which links to each product segment or service to allow more scope for customer question content
• Enhance your domain authority rating to increase your SERP visibility
• Ensure your website is mobile friendly because most voice searches come from mobile devices