26th February 2020

SEO Service

Written by Shannice Baynes
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, is a vital part of any business’ online marketing strategy. It is all about how a web page is designed and the content within it, this allows signals to be sent to the search engines from the web page(s) and this then allows the algorithms for example, which Google deploys, will then determine where you web page will be ranked in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Google and it’s goal

To understand SEO fully, you need to understand what Google’s goal is, as Google is the main search engine used by most users.

They have a simple goal which is:

“Google’s mission is to organise all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

We understand that this is the underlying principle of all SEO work.

Why perform SEO?

It may appear to the less tech savvy customer that they don’t receive anything for their money, but SEO is the complete opposite to this viewpoint.

Yes, a lot of SEO is done “out of sight” of a user or client’s view, but the results of a correctly managed and implemented SEO plan will allow the business to reap the rewards from their online presence.

How is SEO done?

There are 3 main areas within an SEO strategy, that need to be optimised.


On-Site Optimisation

This covers all the functions that are incorporated into the actual website and how it works. This will result in a Search Engine like Google being able to “crawl” your site and give it a ranking.

* Website performance – page loading speed
* Page errors – broken links to pages within the website
* Security – SSL Certificate and malware free website
* Redirect – this is the solution to fix broken links
* Sitemap – contents and structure of the website

Off-site Optimisation

This form of optimisation involves aspects that are not related to your actual website but external sites and how your brand is shared on them. Examples of this sort of “brand awareness” includes:

* Hashtags – the use of a hashtag associated with your brand (#Yourbrand) in a web post, Instagram and of course Twitter
* Social Media – mentions of your brand name, products or even your website address (but not a link)
* Business directory sites – Google Business, Yelp etc
* Backlinks – these add “authority” to your website, which in turn increases your search engine ranking. By authority, we mean it gives weight to your website within the search engine algorithms used to assign the search engine rankings to websites.

On-page Optimisation

Elements of On-page Optimisation are specific to single pages within your website and will have an effect on how your website will attract web traffic from a Search Engine.

* Headings – just like in a document, sections on a website need to be defined by titles
* Meta tag – these allow the search engines to index your web pages within your website
* Content – The more content your web pages have, the better, as the indexing by search engines will be greatly improved, so having a positive effect on your websites search engine ranking

How it can benefit eCommerce sites?

SEO is particularly effective for eCommerce, as it allows for products to be marketed more efficiently and effortlessly. This also means that the return on investment is weighed in favour of business, in terms of money you will get more back than you originally put in.

eCommerce SEO pitfalls

When creating content for product descriptions for example, it is vital for the description to be unique, in that, you need to make sure that the product description is not a copy and paste from another website. The reason why this is so important is that Google and other search engines will penalise your web page for duplicate content, so your SERP ranking will drop.

Content is king!

The more unique your content is the better. Companies may be approached by so called “content farms”.

Why be at the top of SERPs?

Google were the first to use algorithms to rank how far up a search result page a certain website will appear. In simpler terms, will your site appear on the 1st page or the 200th page of any relevant web search.

Research has shown that most customers will not click past the 2nd page of results of a web search. So the higher the rank your website gains, the higher the web traffic will be driven to your website. For example 33% of search traffic will click on the top result on the first page of any results and it then drops to 18% of search traffic for the 2nd result on the first page.

Studio 116’s expertise

We have a wealth of experience of handling SEO requests for clients and we make sure any of website builds are already optimised to meet the search engines’ requirements, so a client will have the best initial SERP ranking as possible.

How we do it for a client?

There are a range of actions we take to help a client’s website gain the highest ranking as possible. Here are the areas we optimise; Performance of website, Website structure, Website authority, Keyword usage, Users Experience, Social Media Linking.

These are of course broad in content, but for ease, we have grouped various aspects together as a way of describing the process overall. A key point to remember is that not all SEO is visible to the client or user. Much of the SEO adjustments are made in the background and or offsite and so will not be obvious to the untrained eye.

How will we show our progress?

We will provide you with a plan of our workflow with regards to the SEO of your site and any adjustments we have made the previous month and our plan for the following month. This will mean there is complete transparency of our work for you, our client. At the end of each month, we will provide you with a report of our work and will go through the report with you during a meeting at your premises to discuss results and plans for moving forward.

Rather than just working on a client’s project brief, we work with the client with the aim of building a collaborative approach to help build their business and will advise based on our 9 years of experience and our team’s expertise. Contact us today to discuss how we can and will help you!