26th November 2020

Understanding the importance of
a content marketing strategy

Written by Shannice Baynes

What is content marketing

The term content marketing has a broad spectrum of meanings. It is built upon the idea of producing valuable, consistent and appealing material that will engage a targeted audience and in term lead to conversions and profit for a business.

Content can exist through a wide range of channels, it could be a blog post, a social media campaign or even a video advertisement. However, the overall idea is that it is creative and compelling.

The history of content marketing

Content marketing is not a relatively new concept as it has existed for centuries, with the earliest examples dating back to 1895.

John Deere were the first organisation to construct a branded magazine which communicated with their audience, of agricultural specialists, about current issues within the farming industry. Although this wasn’t an obvious content marketing strategy, it was an intelligent and innovative way to enhance customer relationships through storytelling and in term build value for their products. This publication is still in service today proving the success of an effective content strategy!

The importance of keywords in content marketing

Keywords are essential in digital marketing as they determine what the consumer is searching for. In terms of SEO, relevant keywords and phrases allow people to be able to access your content as the search engine will base its results upon content that includes the related language.

It is imperative that you research your keywords before writing up your content in order to connect your product or service with the consumer needs and also to give competitive advantage by increasing your search engine results page visibility.

How to research keywords

Keyword research involves the usage of a keyword tool to measure the relevance, search volume, competitiveness and cost per click rate for each word or phrase. It is also important to consider the use of conversational phrases as voice recognition technology continues to pioneer in digital marketing. Find out more in our previous blog.

Once you have made a list of the keywords that you intend to use, narrow the list down to which would be related to your audience demographics, interests or location.

Remember: quality over quantity!

Effective content strategies to drive traffic


A Studio 116 Digital we have devised our marketing agency expertise advice to help you succeed in your business goals:


  • Blogging – If you are wondering how to write a blog post that will generate organic traffic it is a good idea to plan regular posts that include specific key words within the context. This will help you appeal to consumers but also provide inspiration when you are thinking of a topic to write about


  • User Generated Content – encourage your customers to share their experience with your brand, whether it be through reviews, blogs, videos or photos of your product. User generated content is beneficial in building a wider community and creating C2C trust!


  • Purpose or Cause Driven Storytelling – An effective strategy to display a company’s culture is by implementing a campaign that works with an outside charity or purposeful campaign. Allowing customers to connect with your brand on a more personal level will empower them when purchasing a product or service from you


  • Personalisation – Email marketing provides the opportunity to offer a personal experience with a customer and continue their engagement when they are offline


  • Influencer Marketing – Brand ambassadors, mentions, product reviews, sponsored content or affiliate links are all aspects of influencer marketing. Statistics suggest that influencer marketing delivers 11 times higher ROI than the traditional forms of marketing.

Which content strategy are you the most interested in?

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