A brand new website
for Ashmans Motoring

Ashmans Solicitors live by the ethos of providing the highest level of advice and legal representation to all their clients.


Creative Direction

Brand Creation

Website Design

The Brief

Ashmans Solicitors approached us to refresh their brand and build them a website that would reflect their client-first approach, with an improved online user experience that would help generate more enquires, as well as better serve their current clients.

The Challenge

The Legal sector has historically been very reliant upon client referrals and face-to-face prospecting, but with a rapidly changing landscape of how business is done, a strong digital presence is now essential. We were tasked to create a sleek and memorable, high performance and data-driven website to attract an array of new clients, whilst raising awareness of Ashman’s Solicitors legal services to existing clients as an opportunity to cross-sell.

The Solution

Pushing the boundaries of functionality, the website was built to integrate with industry specific internal systems, to provide that exceptional client experience Ashman’s Solicitors were looking for. This was wrapped around impactful branding that reflected their client-first ethos, to create an unforgettable experience for new and existing clients alike.

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Understanding the dis-joint between ‘lawyer terminology’ and ‘client language,’ we ensured we used the right tone of voice across all digital marketing and advertising channels, to resonate with the target audience, whilst using keywords that would strike a perfect balance between what clients are looking for and the correct legal terminology.


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Let’s talk results

“With the digital world gaining more prominence in the legal sector, I needed a team that understood marketing for the legal sector, whilst also being able to deliver a full digital solution across creative, technical and marketing strategies to best satisfy both new and current clients. Studio 116 more than delivered on all these expectations. The website and branding is slick and modern and exceeds the vision I initially set out with.”

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