Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing solutions by West Yorkshire-based digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design

What our digital marketing agency does for its clients

Our Yorkshire-based digital marketing agency provides bolt-on online marketing expertise that supports your business every step of the way. Whether you are just starting with digital, looking to improve existing activity or fine-tune well-performing campaigns we can help. Our approach ensures that your digital marketing becomes an invaluable asset in driving business growth and future proofing your company.

Decision Making & Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Each of our solutions has been created to take the guesswork out of the decision making process and help our clients improve their online digital capabilities through evidence-based decision making. Our approach is tried, tested and trusted to deliver by hundreds of businesses operating online in both B2B and B2C markets throughout the UK.

Bespoke Marketing Solutions

Each of our digital solutions can be taken individually or collectively so whether you are looking to plug a gap in your organisations’ capabilities or utilise us as your outsourced digital marketing team we can add value and help you grow your business.

What we do for our clients

Research & Insight

We provide detailed information that helps clients make the most of their online presence and compare their activity against their competitors.

Research & Insight Solutions

Strategy & Planning

We provide a tried and tested process that enables clients to develop a clear and concise plan detailing how they can use digital marketing to generate more leads and customers.

Strategy & Panning Solutions

Creative & Communication

We create and deliver personal, relevant and exciting digital experiences to each customer during the different stages of their journey to purchase.

Creative & Communication Solutions

Measurement & Evaluation

We track every communication and provide total transparency regarding the impact, calculating the cost of every engagement and the ROI generated.

Measurement & Evaluation Solutions

Why clients choose our digital marketing agency


They are too busy running the company to develop or implement their online activity.


Little or no previous experience in developing campaigns and content.


They aren’t sure how to start the process of digital transformation.


Too many channels, tools and software packages to learn and utilise.


Lack of human, technical and creative resources to implement their online activity.


Limited budgets that can’t be wasted on trial and error of digital.

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