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Digital marketing measurement by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design

Digital Marketing Measurement

Digital marketing measurement should be an essential part of every digital campaign and communication. Without measurement how can you track what is working and what is not. How do you know where to spend your time, resources and budget going forward for maximum impact.

Understanding what your customers like and want to engage with is critical to your future success. Having a clear picture of which channels and content are driving interactions enables you to learn and adapt accordingly.

At Studio 116 Design we are passionate about measurement, after all it is how we prove our value to clients. Our digital marketing agency have a suite of tools that enable us to track and monitor every communication we send. Our clients see every website visit, social media like, share or tweet, download, click-through and transaction. We can even monitor telephone and offline engagements to prove the value of integrated campaigns.

Digital Marketing Evaluation

Digital marketing evaluation is perhaps the most crucial element of any organisations digital marketing. Commercially it allows you to determine what is helping you to achieve success or what is holding you back.

As a process, digital marketing evaluation enables your business to develop and evolve your activity based on your return on investment. When applied correctly it removes subjectivity and replaces it with clarity, so that decision making becomes practical and straightforward.

No business wants to throw good money after bad. But many do not have the skills and resources to analyse which of their communications are genuinely helping deliver their business or commercial targets.

We work with clients to develop individual and specific evaluation criteria so that they can fully understand the return on investment of each channel. This allows us to appraise and advise clients about future activity and ensure all budgets are spent wisely.

Digital marketing evaluation by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design


With our free website health check, we will go through every page of your site and compile a comprehensive report on any issues that may affect its performances, including suggestions about how to fix them.

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