Strategy & Planning defines where you're going and how to get there

Creating success is not an accident

Our digital marketing agency works with many small and medium-sized businesses in the Leeds area and around West Yorkshire that do not have the time, knowledge or resources to formulate their digital strategy. We provide a tried and a tested process that enables clients to develop a clear and concise answer to how they can use digital marketing to generate more leads and customers.

Digital Strategy Planning

Our Strategy & Planning service provides clients with a mechanism by which they can benefit from a well researched, detailed and individual plan. It explains what actions are to be undertaken on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Updated every 90 days, it will be flexible and checked against the desired outcomes to ensure the recommended activity is producing the desired results.

Put simply, our digital marketing agency can help you:

Creating a strategic plan with West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design

Creating a strategic and tactical plan to drive business success

Creating a digital strategy is merely a way of describing your organisations’ vision for the future, the targets you want to achieve, the opportunities available and the activities needed to deliver them through online marketing. An effective strategy will outline a clear set of objectives and the specific target audiences to be engaged. It will also help create or refine your customer value proposition creating a clear point of difference between your business and your competitors.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Creating a digital marketing plan will help your organisation describe how it will deliver your digital strategy. It will also provide clear instructions on what online marketing activity is to be undertaken to produce the desired business and marketing objectives. A well constructed digital marketing plan will also detail the channels to be used, the content required, the frequency of activity and the role each will play in creating marketing and commercial success. Putting it plainly, the digital marketing plan is a specific set of instructions that acts as a roadmap to delivering more leads and customers.

Creating a strategic plan with West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design


We have helped many small businesses around Leeds, West Yorkshire and nationwide develop effective online marketing strategies. Get in touch with our digital marketing agency to discover what we can do for you.

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