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Footstools & more is a company that has been in the furniture business for over 50 years. Passionate about creating quality, well-made furniture and footsools in Leeds.


Footstools and More are a family run business of two generations that make traditionally handmade upholstered footstools. Our challenge was to create a branding that translates the quality and tradition of their products without being dated while increasing the brand awareness and drive sales.


First we designed the logo and website as well as corporate identity with stationary. The next step was the marketing. As the brand is quite niche and their target audience values the quality of traditional handworked upholstery over ‘fast-fashion’ furniture we decided to focus on SEO instead of social media marketing.


Since the launch of the new branding we saw an increase in sales by 300% and an increase in traffic to the website by 60%.

A year after launch all the new brands are flourishing and have captured market share. Rates of brand awareness are increasing as are product trial and repeat purchases.
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studio116design footstoolandmore website

Studio 116 Digital have designed and build of regularly maintained e commerce website. From start to finish, the service provided by Studio team has been wonderful. I urge you to try them out. They're highly recommended.

Footstool & More

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