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3 best practices for e-commerce websites for 2018

The central role of e-commerce in today’s shopping experience is no longer in the question. E-commerce is continuing to grow worldwide, and according to recent European statistics, the UK is second only to Norway for the number of online purchases.

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Food photography tips for restaurant websites

When photographing food for commercial purposes, even as part of your restaurant website design strategy, there is one golden rule that must always be applied – the final image must make your intended audience lick their lips in anticipation.

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The Digital Knowledge Problem

We all know and understand the importance of creating the right impression with customers, and with more of those first impression starting online the need to have a creative and credible digital presence is now a requirement very few businesses can afford to ignore.

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The Customer Problem

Your customers have more choice, more information and are better connected today than any other point in human history. They can research, compare and purchase products from anywhere on the planet without having to leave the comfort of their offices or homes.

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The Technology Problem

Over the last twenty years, technology and specifically the internet has played a significant role in revolutionising how we organise, communicate and shop for the products and services we need in our personal and professional lives.

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