Food photography tips for restaurant websites

When photographing food for commercial purposes, even as part of your restaurant website design strategy, there is one golden rule that must always be applied – the final image must make your intended audience lick their lips in anticipation. But remember, how we prepare and serve food for consumption differs greatly to how we produce it for photography. These are some key elements to consider when producing great food photography:


Lighting is always a critical component in the creation and production of mouth-watering imagery. Too bright and the image will look burnt out and lack detail, too dark and the food will look flat and lack vibrancy. Natural light is usually a better choice over artificial light and flashes, but avoid direct sunlight. Also don’t be afraid of performing some post-production on your images taken with natural light, especially if you need to give them more clarity and definition.

Natural light - Food photography tips by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design
Overhead shot - Food photography tips by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design


You may have noticed that there are only a few, recurring camera angles when it comes to food photography. But you have to be thoughtful when choosing the right one for each specific situations. Food comes in all sizes and shapes; think about this and how could you highlight its qualities when placing the camera. For example, by taking an overhead shot you are not having much depth, but it could the best choice for flat dishes.


Styling the image is another vital factor to ensure the food looks tempting. Crafting the best look and feel will help support the brand and price positioning for each dish. Use the empty space around your dish to tell something more about it: you can surround the subject of your shot with props and elements in line with the atmosphere of your restaurant. For example, just by showcasing your meals on wooden boards or terracotta dishes your website users will have a taste of your place’s rustic style.

Rustic style - Food photography tips by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design

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Utilising a professional photographer and food stylist won’t be cheap but the results will ensure people are drooling over the images. But there are other elements to consider as well, especially if you produce food photography for your restaurant website. Our digital marketing agency has worked with several local restaurants in West Yorkshire for their website design. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

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