Frankie's Peri Peri

The birth of a brand

Helping a client bring their vision of an American style diner to life was the very essence of this project. We strived to turn an idea into reality and create a brand that was warm, welcoming and genuinely memorable for each customer at every touch point.

Frankie's Burger Peri Peri Shakes Burger Box


Creating a brand is more than a fancy logo, colour palette and beautiful font. Fundamentally it is about telling a story that people find exciting and compelling. Defining what the brand stands for and what it stands against was our jumping off point.

We knew the values of fresh, free from and superior tasting food had to be central to the story. Handmade burgers to order was another critical element and a clear point of difference that we needed to raise.


We created a friendly and informal personality that would allow customers to feel right at home. Our design team generate a clean, straightforward yet vibrant identity that like the food was free from any unnecessary elements while reflecting the charm of a classic American diner.

This approach provided the flexibility required to ensure the brand could be effectively implemented across multiple touch points and customer journeys covering website, store and take away.

Frankie's Burger Peri Peri Shakes Food Box
Frankie's Burger Peri Peri Shakes Internal Design


Our contribution has been central in setting up Frankie’s as a warm, friendly and welcoming brand that has been an instant commercial success in terms of footfall and repeat custom. Frankie’s initial success has gone beyond any expectations, and has led to a steady growth of its brand over the past few years.

We continue to support the business ahead of upcoming opportunities and challenges, including the rebranding to Franksters and its ongoing expansion with new stores opening directly and through franchise deals across Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Project gallery

Frankie's Burger Peri Peri Shakes Outside Design
Frankie's Burger Peri Peri Shakes Paper Cup
Frankie's website by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design
Frankie's Burger Peri Peri Shakes Big Mama

You can visit their website at the following link:

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