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Brand evolution & digital transformation

Kiddies Kingdom had a successful business and brand dating back to 1985 and changing their winning formula would not be an easy prospect. But if Kiddies Kingdom wanted to stay relevant and grow they needed to adapt their brand, communications and operations to engage their technology savvy target audience.

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We needed to update and enhance an ageing brand image to stay relevant to parents who wanted choice, safety, convenience and a little bit of style. The brands credibility needed to be maintained and grown in order to convince parents to engage and new communication channels were required to speak to an audience who are researching, reviewing and shopping online.


Working with the business owners and select group of customers we spent time listening, learning and empathising with our clients customers. This insight enabled our teams to truly understand the needs and aspirations of the target audience and uncover the key factors driving their journey to purchase. This approach ensured that our client could invest in a brand refresh, transactional website and social media channels confidently because they had spent time working with the customer to better understand their requirements.

Kiddies Kingdom logo design by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116
Kiddies Kingdom brand evolution by West Yorkshire digital marketing agency Studio 116 Design


As a direct result of the brand evolution and digital transformation work undertaken the company has enjoyed a sustained period of strong growth. Revenue has jumped from £900k to £7.3 million per annum and is showing no signs of slowing down. As a consequence Kiddies Kingdom is now widely considered as one of the UK’s top 5 baby and nursery retailers. We continue to support the brand and are looking forward to the next stage growth and continued success.

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