MySkyn Clinic

Growing a business through SEO

The importance of search engines cannot be underestimated in our modern digital economy. In the UK 3.3 billion search queries per month are being undertaken on making it the single most visited website in the country.

As a new Aesthetics business, MySkyn Clinic understood the value that search engine optimisation could play in helping them promote their company to local and regional consumers.


Build the visibility and credibility of the MySkyn Brand and ensure that they would rank for the treatments offered by the clinic amongst their local and regional audiences.


Keyword research played an important role in determining which search terms to target. We redeveloped the URL structure and re-wrote the meta descriptions and title tags. We extended the content on relevant pages adding semantic keywords and checking the readability of the content.


Within four weeks of the optimisation work commencing MySkyn ranked page 1 position 1 for 6 out of 8 of their treatments with the remaining two keywords ranked page 2. This resulted in a 400% increase in traffic and a 200% increase in enquiries.

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