Launching a new brand

Opening a sports-themed dining chain was the dream of two entrepreneurs, who would have previously run successful franchises with big names such as Creams Cafe and Pizza Hut. When they approached us to support their ambitious project, we were very excited to help them bring their vision to life.


Ensuring a successful launch for a previously unseen brand was definitely the biggest challenge . But in the owners’ mind, Players was not going to be yet another fast food establishment. Combining sports-themed imagery and an offer including top quality, handmade food was their idea for an original dining experience.

These were the central elements we had to take into account to ensure a successful launch for the first restaurant. The continuous support of the brand in the post-launch stage was another aspect to take into account.


We created a friendly and colourful brand identity that would be immediately recognisable among prospective customers both in-store and online. Social media played an essential role in creating some hype in the local area well ahead of the opening.

Facebook and Instagram were the channels we have chosen to promote Players’ debut. We used them to run a series of competitions and giveaways to gain the intended audience’s interest around the brand.


Our social media campaign exceeded every expectations, attracting a large customer base during the successful opening day. This established immediate popularity for the Players brand locally. A long track of positive feedbacks left by happy customers in the first months of activity proved their instant success.

The buzz around Players sparked quite some interest even beyond the local area, and we continue providing ongoing support to the brand on social media. Players’ has since announced new branches opening soon across the North West of England and Reading.

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