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Starbucks are one of the biggest fast-food restaurant chains in the world with more than 30.000 stores worldwide. Creating buzz around a store opening of a brand of this size brings with it one major challenge: How do we create urgency that will make people want to come to the launch through social media?


We wanted to create assets that showcase the easy-going lifestyle that Starbucks is all about in a way that captures the users attention. To create excitement about the store opening and to give them an incentive to visit the store on its launch we teased the users with the chance to win free coffee for a year.


Pastries sold
Sold Cups

600+ pastries sold, apart from that, the store was the first Starbucks store in Europe that had a queue on its opening day!

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We’re glad to have worked with Studio 116 Digital for our store opening. Being able to rely on their team to run our social media ads and accounts to ensure customers would show up enabled us to concentrate on other things. This was a massive advantage and help in the months leading up to the launch and afterwards. With the store opening being one of the most successful ones in Europe through the creative strategy Studio 116 Digital provided, we feel like we did everything right in trusting the specialists.

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