Web Design

We will define the overall look of the website with our client to make sure their customers will have the best experience possible. Effective web design is crafted from the customer's perspective, therefore interface and user experience design are two very important steps in this process. The rise of smartphones from 2007 onwards started something that in the following years resulted in a full-scale mobile revolution in web design, and in 2010 Google officially adopted a ‘mobile-first’ approach. Nowadays most users access the Internet from a mobile device, for that reason it is essential that your website can display its content accordingly. This means the website’s interface should be responsive and seamlessly able to adapt to any screen size and browser.

Web development

Web development refers to the part of building a website that doesn’t involve any design aspects. It includes tasks such as coding and markup to ensure a website is functioning properly to our clients desires and with great user experience in mind. It is divided into front end and back end development. The front end is the part of the website that is seen by the user and the admins of the website while the back end concerns itself with the logic of how the website runs.